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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

I can tell today will be a good day. My husband hired 2 more people yesterday, after lengthy interviews, who have several years of experience in painting. This will help him be able to catch up in some contracts he has currently and allow the othe 2 men, who do mostly prep or cleanup to finish 2 other properties. Over the weekend, we picked up a contract for cleaning up a yard that was just rented and the homeowners/tenant want a monthly yard maintenance. One gentleman who use to have a landscape company will be handling this. The new tenants met with my husband and him and everything was approaved. As a matter of fact, the new tenants want to meet with me to discuss how they can help in regard to the homeless ministry. This is helpful, since my mentor in Williamsburg is leaving for a few weeks to do work with their Stephen's Ministry at their church. So, that reduced the help. Just goes to show, where one door closes, another one opens.

Today, I am also calling the gentleman who is helping to get the non-profit papers completed and a shelter established in Williamsburg. I finally have a few addresses of properties for sale that are in the right zoning areas.

Two of the guys on the street almost have enough money saved up to rent a mobile home. They are excited, but I think nervous at the same time. They have become so use to surviving on the streets, that their fears keep haunting them of 'normal living.' We continue to talk to them and reassure them we will help them make adjustments. We know we will have to help them manage their money for some time in regards to paying utilities and rent. But for right now, they do seem excited when they comment on 'needing' furniture, kitchen supplies and bedding. They reminded me the other day when I call about a place to rent to "make sure and ask how much for deposit." I laughed and said "isn't it amazing how much you remember about normal living, after being on the streets for so long, when you have a plan and your mind becomes clearer?" One of the guys asked me if he had any money left in his 'savings account'? He needs $10.00, which he actually has $26.00 in it. Even though it is his earned money, I don't like handing it out to him without knowing why. He actually likes this also, since he has a hard time keeping money in his pocket. But, he told me it was for his birth certificate. His sister went down and got a copy for him, but he needs to be responsible and pay her back for the cost, gas, and travel time. Wow, it may sound dumb, but that is a big step for this guy! He also wants me to check into how much his child support is. He needs to catch up and help his ex out with his children's upkeep. Although no action has been made yet on his part, he is at least making plans and how he can 'make up for what he has caused in his past.' Just to hear him talk about things that have become so out of reach for him shows the effort he is trying to make. Gee, why do I feel like a proud parent who has just heard their child's first words or watched their first step?


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