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Sunday, March 30, 2003

The Kindness In Your Eyes

I want to thank everyone who showed for the meeting and their support. It was nice for a beginning...a trial run. Although I did expect more people, to me, it was still a success. The one thing I noticed about those who came, is that they all had a common denominator: THE KINDNESS IN THEIR EYES! They knew there were other 'bigger' meetings around, yet they were at this one. They know it will be a struggle to get others to listen, but they kept their ears open. They know many in our area are blind to this sad plight of reality, but their eyes are wide open. They have HEART and SOUL! But, the next meeting will be bigger and better! I thank God for bringing these people together.

But, those who have an interest in this, whether it is your heart burdened by our situation, you are part of the 'working poor' that is a paycheck away from being homeless, you were homeless, or are homeless now...WE NEED YOU! WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! WE NEED TO BAND TOGETHER TO GET A SOLUTION. WE NEED TO MAKE THE GOVERNMENT AWARE AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS!


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