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Friday, March 28, 2003

My Response To The E-Mail Below

I truly appreciate your e-mail and your opinion. Thank you for the
compliment "it is a great thing you are doing." But, it isn't so much that I
think the people here are so 'bad' or 'horrible', I think unfortunately my
husband and I have met the wrong people when we moved here. Now, we are
starting to meet some very nice people of all social status.

I am shocked and amazed when I encounter organizations that were made to
help in this situation, to only find the standards have been set so high
that most people (including the well-to do) would not be able to fit their
criteria. Or when I talk with Churches and they can't help until the Board
of Elders vote on it or need my 'Mission Statement.'

Obviously, you did not read my web page, because you would know the answers
to the questions you asked. We moved here in Oct. because my husband's
ex-wife became engaged to a gentleman here in Sept. and was taking their 3
children 8 hours away from where we lived. The kids called us and asked us
to do something because they didn't want to be that far. We didn't want to
put them through legal actions nor keep their Mom from re-marrying, so all
the adults sat down and we came up with the solution to all move here for
the sake of our children. That is why we don't leave.

I don't promote begging with any of the Homeless, although it is their 1st
Constitutional Right (Supreme Court agrees and they can't be arrested for
it.) Many of those I work with are wanting jobs and that is why we have
established a job networking program for them. Many do want off the streets
and get their life together. Yes, they do want to be productive. They just
don't know how since they have been out of society for so long.

By all the responses to my article this week, people have requested to have
a meeting. I would like to extend an invitation to you and anyone else that
would be interested (pro or con). It is tomorrow 3/29 at 6:00 p.m. at the
James City Community Church. I hope to see you there.


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