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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Which Is Worse, The Guilt Or The Fear?

The first day I went down to meet my 'new-friends", I never foresaw today. It seems that time has passed, but in reality, it has only begun. I never thought this would become bigger than I am or that the Homeless would need more than I could provide. Wow, the reality sets in. But, I have to say I am thrilled about the reaction to The Last Word today and it makes me wonder how far will it grow in the next few days when the word spreads beyond the little I have done.
I felt so guilty for the fact that I was 2 hours late to take stuff down to them. Up until now, I had prided myself on the fact that I was on time. Today, yes, I got away from my daily goal. But, in defense, it was worth it. Several people emailed and called wanting to know how they can help. Others overheard me at restaurants talking on my cell about this and said "Hey are you the one who wrote in?" or "How can we donate?" As of now I am planning a meeting at James City Community Church to get everyone together so we, as one, can move the mountain that stands as our obstacle.( Mathew 17:20 "I assure you, even if you had faith as small as a mustard seed you could say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.") Thank you for your interest and offer of help.
Now, I must give apologies also. I am not use to others helping in such a great cause. I am actually not use to such a problem as it is here. Now some of you may say, "We have never seen them" or "We didn't even realize there were any" but I can assure you, with others who know, per ratio to the population of Williamsburg, YES THERE IS A SOCIETY WITHIN OURS THAT NEED HELP. Are they ready? Some yes, some no. Do they want help? Some yes, some no. Do they need us? Yes, all of them, yet they fear us. They fear all that we represent, that we are, innocent and pure, ulterior motives and charities, they fear. So now that I have explained that, I ask for forgiveness to those who have called, if I myself might have seemed selfish when I asked "Please don't go down" or "No please don't leave donations there" or "Ask you to prep sandwiches instead of serving". My reasons are pure, my reasons are just. Please keep in mind, it has taken me 4 weeks to get them to trust me, the little that they do. It isn't so much that I know how to work with them, but how to be with them as a friend. Even though it has been a short time, I have come to love, trust and care for them as my friends. They have been pushed back far enough as it is, and I do fear as they do, that they could be moved further. Over a short time period I hope to introduce them to all and I know this is a great possibility. I don't try to sound like I take this on myself. If anything, I stand with them, through it all, beside them as one in hopes one day we can all make a difference and show what we can offer to Williamsburg.
My apologies go out to them for again being late. It is late for me now and as I write, I find myself to tire. Tomorrow will be more entries regarding today's experiences. For now, please also look at www.thehomelessguy.net It is worth the reading.
Good nite, God bless, Stay Comfortable and Be Safe. Love to you all, Patti & Geoff


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