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Friday, March 28, 2003

The past couple of days have been exciting! An awakening. A stirring of people's hearts and Souls. All the responses to The Last Word have been moving. And yes I have found so many WONDERFUL people here in Williamsburg. But, I guess it takes that common belief to bring people together. Even though I know I have a thousand things to do to prep for the meeting tomorrow night, I have so many ideas racing through me and so much I want to say. I will save most of it for then. Last night I had a gentleman call to donate pizzas whenever, where ever, and as many as I need for the guys. Thank you!!!! My conversation with Mr. Struggs was very heartfelt from him. I know I picked the right Council Man to speak with! (There's hope for Williamsburg, yet.) Today I pased out fliers for the meeting after I went down to see the guys. I guess with it being such a nice day, they were already out-and-about. Then I stopped by William and Mary's Campus to speak with the students and the Dept. of Volunteers. They have a group that isin the making on 'homelessness and hunger.' April 4th they will be doing a 'homeless' night where they sleep outside in the quad with their cardboard boxes. I am hoping to take them further in this regard. It is a great idea when people do this, but I want them and everyone to have the real experience. So, if I can get 'permission' from the guys, I would like to have a night like this, invitation opened to all that want to join. I want all who participate to walk a mile to the bridge, being hungry and un-showered to sleep one night under the bypass. To not have access to showers, bathrooms and vehicles. No cell phones or computers. Just to experience the realism of homelessness. This I will try to schedule. I look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting and appreciate all you want to give from your heart!


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