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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A Special Lunch Date

Miracles happen daily throughout the world, but sometimes we are too busy to see it as a blessing from God. Miracles come in different ‘packages’ and just depend on how you define them. I think a miracle can be anything, if God has His hands upon it, such as a birth of a baby, the death of a terminally ill person, a family who has struggled out on the streets getting a house from Habitat or even a special lunch date. The latter, is an upcoming event that I just received news about.

April 10th I had blogged about Tom Hanks and getting a package to him about the ministry and proposal to buy a motel. Yesterday I received information from my friend who delivered the package that Tom Hanks had contacted her through her employment and he read my package. When he gets into town, he wants to meet with me and the lady (who is on our board for public relations) to discuss the motel and the ministry. Now I don't know what his interest may be, but possibly he is interested in helping the homeless. I do know he is a supporter of efforts to help those who are less fortunate (he is also a member of the ONE Campaign, the banner I have at the top of the webpage.) But, I won't know anything until after he arrives in town. I will keep you posted!

Shortly after I blogged last, God gave us (to those of you, which you know who you are, when I say ‘us’ or ‘we’ I mean the ministry and people I assist,) many other miracles. St. Bedes sent us several rooms of clients. We now have 2 families who have joined us, a mother and daughter and a young gentleman. Now you may not see this as a miracle, but I do because I was praying about the ministry and how small we had scaled down to. I was wondering if this was the end or was God changing the ministry. But, God answered my questions and now we are back up to 18 people. Along with the growth in clients, also came the growth in mouths to feed. Yesterday, when one of the ladies asked me if I had any breakfast food because the babies were hungry (she has a 1 yr. old and a 2 yr. old,) I looked at our shelves and realized we didn’t. I’m not use to anyone being here at breakfast as most of our clients work. So I called around to the churches and explained how low we were. Some churches were able to get food together yesterday and others I will pick up from today.

But one lady I called because I knew she was moving soon, showed such great heart to us. She was in the process of the movers packing her up as we talked. She said she would check her pantry. She called me back 20 minutes later saying, “I didn’t really have anything, especially for children that young because she has 3 in the same age range. So she was at Wal-Mart buying items for us and wanted me to meet her to pick the groceries up in an hour.” It will be sad for her to go because she has been such a blessing to many of the families that have passed through. She has arranged baby items for women that were pregnant, food, and clothing.

Brian and Jenna are receiving a great blessing from one of their friends. The car we got for them last year has a computer problem. It would cost anywhere from $100 – 300.00 to get it fixed. Their friends had just bought a new car and didn’t trade in their mini-van (which is paid for.) Lisa feels God is putting it on her heart to give the van to Brian and Jenna. So we are all praying for this great blessing. We should know by next week. Then we could sell the car “as-is” and have a small amount toward the ministry for some meat.


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