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Friday, May 27, 2005

One More For God

This past week, Geoff ran into Kevin at Wal-Mart.Kevin looked different and definately acted different, according to Geoff. Then he blurted out, "I got saved six weeks ago!" OK, so now we know the difference.

Back at Lightfoot, Kevin was a guest living with us on and off. He had a problem with lying and a secret life none of us could figure out. One night we even had to do a confrotational, direct intervention because his lying had become so bad and the whole property was in an uproar over it. Although we know everything is in God's time, we use to minster to Kevin often about how much his life would change, if he gave it to God. One day he came back from church furious because the Pastor refused him communion since he wasn't saved. He use to get upset because it was a regulation of ours to attend church once a week. Unfortunately, after we moved to the motel, with all the lies and his arguing attitude, we had to ask him to leave.

He told Geoff, "One day I just found myself overwhelmed to give my life to God. Now I have a good job, a different outlook on life and a new attitude. Thank you so much for what you and Patti did for me and you were one on my list to contact about my changes." Kevin is just another great testimony of what God can do for you!


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