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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Adopt-A-Homeless For Christmas

Remember as a child on Dec. 25th waking up bright eyed with excitement to rush to the Christmas tree in awe of Santa's kindness? Most of us, even as adults, still look forward to that moment of unwrapping of a gift from somebody special. Although we rarely notice them, there are people in Williamsburg that prefer for those holidays to rush by because they no longer experience Santa's kindness or don't have a special somebody: the homeless. Many don't qualify for local "Christmas Wish" programs due to lack of ID's or houses. Well, that changed last year! Now there is "Adopt-A-Homeless For Christmas" in Williamsburg. No ID's are required, just a need or a wish.

Here's how it works: starting Nov. 25th, a person who is homeless (including children) writes down their first name, age, and a wish ($50.00 or less). I post their information on my website www.thehomelessinwilliamsburg.blogspot.com And you choose a person from that list. You can email me or call 345-0880 with the name of the person you wish to adopt. Then before Dec. 23rd, bring your gift wrapped with a name tag to our home (or we can pick it up, if needed). On Dec. 23rd, we have our Christmas Celebration where we come together for dinner, carols and joyous greetings and thanks.

Join us and watch their eyes sparkle with a glint of tears of joy as they open their gifts. Please help to make Christmas a day to look forward to, not sleep through, for somebody who is homeless and forgotten in Williamsburg!


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