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Saturday, September 11, 2004

W&M Volunteer Fair

The W&M Volunteer Fair was a great success for us and a lot of fun. I enjoyed seeing the excitment of the students running around to find that one special program to help out. The first few minutes for us were a little slow and then wham! our table was surrounded. Hadyn called my cell about that time and I told her I couldn't talk because I had 9 students wanting information about how they could help the homeless. Within minutes she came flying in the building (from her dorm) to help me out. She is such a blessing in our life!

Other than wanting to assist with the homeless, I think our big anchor is kareoke night that we do at our house twice a month. The students enjoy coming out to sing.

The only disappointment of the night was the fact I didn't get to say hi to Gabe. I saw him at one point talking to the head of the volunteer department and then he was gone. But, by the end of the fair, we had 34 signatures from students wanting to help! Praise God.


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