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Monday, February 23, 2004


Tomorrow is our local area's Salvation Army Food Box day! Yeah, food food! With all the guests we feed, we always run short and have to send emails out to the local churches for assistance. Last month, Salvation Army called to let us know they are now doing a monthly food box for people in need, including our clients, the homeless. Since the majority of our clients work, all I need to do is take their ID's with me and I can pick up their box of food (which also includes frozen meat!) The others who don't work or have a flexible schedule just need to take their ID and show up and say they are one of our clients. Praise God! Once they are on the list, each month they can go in to get their food and will be on the list until the client decides they don't need the help any longer.

*The Budget Amendment for Rental Assistance (Senate Item #110-2; House Item #110-1) and The Budget Amendment for Homeless Assistance (Senate Item #110-1; House Item #110-2)*

These are two Amendments that are up for voting upon in Virgina's Senate. For more info, go to http://www.vchpub.org Please read the Amendments and write your local Senator and Delegate! But, moreso, remember to pray. Pray that we can get a shelter in Williamsburg, pray for the homeless, pray for what you have and pray for our Government.


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