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Saturday, February 21, 2004


Yesterday morning I called mine and Geoff's hair stylist, Becky, to see if she could do a few haircuts. I explained that we had several homeless men and homeless parents' with children who were in desperate need of a new hairdo. The average cost for a haircut in Williamsburg can vary from $12 - $17+ and when you are homeless, that, (which may seem to be a small price for some in the community) would be food money for a day or half of a motel room for a night. And in all honesty, a haircut is not a top priority in their lives. But, for the past week, we have had many requests if we could arrange it for them. Some needed it for job interviews, the children needed it for school, and others because it had grown too long and out of control.

Because transportation and schedules can be hard to arrange, Becky offered to do it at our house after she was finished with work. Since I knew Becky and her children like spaghetti, I offered them to stay for dinner after the cuts were finished. Becky being not only a GREAT stylist, but also fast finished all the haircuts in an hour and a half time. And even though Becky would have done it out of her heart, Geoff and I paid her $50 out of our pocket. Then it was time for dinner. With everyone satisfied with full stomachs and new styles, we all cleaned up the kitchen and said good-night.

That was a real blessing! Many of us were in need, myself included, and she did an awesome job! Thank you, Becky! By the way, local readers, if you need an excellent beautician, go see Becky at The Hair Cuttery by K-Mart. You won't be disappointed.


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