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Saturday, February 21, 2004

My cell phone started ringing around 2:00 am and before I could reach over for it, they hung up. I hate when that happens cuz it is usually a person in need at that time of morning. Then the helpline started ringing. This time I was able to grab the phone. I jumped out of bed and took the call into the other room so I wouldn't wake up my husband. A young lady asked if I could pick her up and take her to a friend's house. She explained that her and her boyfriend had a fight that night and her parents wanted her out of their house. This has happened before and her parents were tired of the boyfriend's threat of beating her up. They gave her 5 minutes to find a ride for herself and all her possessions or they were calling the police! Which, in my opinion, the police should have been notified about the threats anyhow. Wow, that would take our pickup truck and I can barely drive it.

After talking with her a couple of more minutes, I recommended her to call Avalon, our shelter for battered women. No she hadn't thought about calling them, but she has a friend's she could go to so she didn't need a shelter, just a ride for her and her stuff. She said, "I am only 15 minutes away from you. I live in Smithfield, VA and need to go to Newport News." Wow, this made it harder because I, nor my husband, had ever been there, but I knew it was more than 15 minutes. I hoped on the computer and looked up how far and just from Williamsburg to Smithfield it would be at least 45 minute drive one-way and then at least another 30 minutes from Smithfield to Newport News, depending on where she was going.

Unfortunately, I had to decline since the distance was so far and not having a clue where I would be going to (not all of the Newport News area is safe. As a matter of fact NN is a dangerous area, especially at that time of night.) She somewhat understood, but then asked me if I could meet her and pay for her Taxi fare in NN. Again, I had to decline because that would defeat the reason of my safety and not going to NN at that time of night.


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