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"Assisting people in re-gaining hope and a better way of life."

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

MIS-APPROPRIATION OF FUNDS: Last week I was talking to one of the weekly motelers and she said, "by the way, there is a strange rumor going around. Somebody said they heard you were under investigation for mis-use of donated funds." "What?!" I replied. "What funds. Since last year, I have only received $800.00 donated for the ministry! Almost everything we do is out of my pocket or food/clothing donated for people by the churches." So I immediately called a friend at United Way and she said "Yes, I heard that 2 weeks ago and laughed. Patti, we know you don't get any funding right now and it is mostly your money. So do you feel baptised right now? LOL" OK, it took a lot of time to look into this, but it turns out, 2 people I threw off our property and/or red flagged in town for abusing the system, wanted revenge so they called to say I mis-use money. Unfortunately, they forgot to check whose money it is. Many of the churches here can verify that I work almost 100% out of my trust fund or am a middle man for the churches and the homeless needing help.


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