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Wednesday, February 18, 2004


CRUIKSHANK AWARD: Last week United Way sent me a letter that I had been nominated for a local award they sponsor each year. It is basically a way to recognize different individuals or organizations for work they do for the community. Although somebody else won, (which I already knew I wouldn't because you have to be in affect for 2 years and I haven't even worked alongside of the homeless for 1 yet,) you get a nice plaque. So that is way cool, but I am taking several of the homeless with us to the banquet since it is all about them and God; not me. I feel they should be recognized more so than us.

CITY COUNCIL: Currently we have a few seats available on our City Council. Four college students were planning on running, yet they were told they don't qualify. I have only read about a couple of other citizens who are planning on running so that still leaves other seats available. Although I am not much on politics, last week "I had a dream!" Why, I have no idea, but literally, I had a dream about running for a position. Heck, worse that could happen is that I am not voted for a seat. Maybe this is the next step to move forward for the homeless? With there being such an uproar here about affordable housing for the college students, low-income families and the homeless (well the last one is mostly me harping), this could be a doorway for a better quality of living and equality for housing. Who knows, other than Abby saying "YES!" I haven't received much feedback. Geoff would be supportive, yet nervous because of the time it would consume.


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