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Sunday, June 01, 2003

What a great day for Patti and me... She is in bed now with some type of cold/flu, but managed to join me at York River Baptist Church this morning after I attended the 9 o'clock service at James City Community Church. Pastor Som Goins (JCCC) taught on how to keep love alive in a marriage: the salient point is "to submit." No, that doesn't apply only to women. If you look at Eph. 5, but just a little earlier you will see that we are taught to submit ourselves one to another and consider others better than ourselves. How apt is that as pertaining to giving ourselves to ministering to the needs of the wretched and poor of Williamsburg? Pastor Bill (YRBC) brought a good message titled "Is it real or is it Memorex?" as regards our Faith. It was a good challenge to believers, and to those who think they are true believers, to make sure they are really actively growing in their Faith. Our congratulations to them as they celebrate their twentieth anniversary next week!

This afternoon at 4 PM we had a meeting where we introduced the first segment of the board for our "soon-to-be" homeless shelter. We were honored to have Senator Tommy Norment as one of our guests. He took copious notes as we discussed our plans and ideas, and the challenges that lie ahead of us as we progress with tenacity towards this goal. I only hope that he left with a positive take on what we are attempting.

Linda Wall, Norment's former opponent for the senatorial position, also joined us. She has been a fervrent supporter for quite awhile now and and brought some good (and big) ideas forward concerning what can be done at the state level to help the homeless across the state. Whereas we are focusing "narrowly" on Williamsburg alone, we do admire her wider views and welcome any help she can bring to the table. It was obvious to us that she has the heart to feel for these people and the pluck to rise to the occasion, should we need to call on her.

Members of the board who were present were Wanda Brown, Susan Cooke, and Hadyn Rickett. Andre Williams and Elizabeth Goff were detained by work, but Ms. Goff's children were present to accept her appointment. The specific positions these members will hold shall be announced later, but each has been invited to join us because of their passion regarding what we desire to accomplish and the individual talents they bring to the table. We congratulate them on their appointments and thank them for accepting this responsibility.

The focus of the meeting was, as usual, changed on the spot because "you" didn't show-up. We would welcome even detractors to join us: "in the midst of many counsellors is wisdom." The more people we have present, the more ideas we can field, the more answers we can provide both to the detractors and to the challenges facing us. But, since we were just the core group, Patti led an open discussion on what we envision to be the "mission of our mission:" to take "Les Miserables" into our shelter and to help them to merge back into the mainstream of life with solid job and social skills, a consistent walk with God, and egos still intact. Also discussed was the stigma that follows the homeless everywhere: addictions. I was quick to point out that among us were several people who had not chosen lifestyles that led to homelessness, but rather that, one had chosen homelessness over living with his drug-dealing mother, one was rendered homeless by a robbery that stripped her of all her earthly goods, one had been homeless because of her parents' negligence, one family lost their home when the father died without a will and the Commonwealth of Virginia took their home, one lost his job due to a major surgery and nearly lost his home (which opened his eyes to how easily it could happen to anyone), and I myself was homeless because of losing my house in a divorce. We do not deny that some homeless people have addictions, but we assiduously affirm that "even they" need help. To be sure, we can offer more help than the bridge, the woods, and "Greyhound therapy" can offer.

Patti has a full day tomorrow and needs your prayers. She is meeting with Pastor Bill of York River Baprtist Church, Pastor Dave of Williamsburg United Methodist Church, and with the leaders of the Grove Outreach Ministry. And that doesn't even include the paper-work, phone calls, being sick, etc.

I would encourage you who visit this site regularly to get off the sidelines and join us. After all, "If God be for us, who can be against us?" Why not join His cause? If you travel, save the unopened toiletry items from your hotel and donate them. If you're cleaning out your closet, donate your extra clothes and hangers. If you're a teacher, talk to Patti about helping teach reading to the illiterate or prepping people for their GED's. If you have extra games or excercise equipment, we need them. Racks for hanging clothes, couches, chairs, microwaves, toasters, broilers, books, Bibles, backpacks, etc., etc., etc. Use your field of influence to help us help others: tell others. And pray! Above all, please, pray for us. That field of influence is most important. :-)

Finally, thank you, Ann Moore, for your support. We love every moment with you and appreciate your mentoring spirit. Thank you for your aptly timed and spoken words at the meeting today. Just remember that what has been accomplished to date and is to be accomplished in the future is and shall be all God's doing. The praise goes to Him: we are but conduits of His grace. But we are glad you are with us to share in the blessing, for "it is more blessed to give than to receive."

Good night, All! God bless!


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