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Saturday, May 17, 2003

Last night was the Board of Elders meeting at Church Builders in Spartanburg, SC. Sparatanburg is just a hop, skip and jump from our hometown, Greenville, SC. One of the new business they were to vote on is us and our ministry that we are building. It has become important for us to get our 501(c)3 status so we can continue to help those on the streets and in weekly motels. This new status will allow us to grow and build up the strength to band together and make a difference in others' lives. But, most importantly, it will allow us to continue in our mission and vision for a shelter.

I keep trying to bide time for those who are trapped between a weekly room and the streets. Those who will soon have no place to stay due to motels closing and streets in the process of being expanded. Those who want to work, but are constantly turned down. There are many people in this town that need help, who reach out for help, yet are still being turned away. I understand the hardship of agencies having to say no, because I have had to say it before. Then when I get off the phone, I cry from the pain that I know they are going through. Geoff looks at me and holds me and says "You had to say no?" He also understands the pain. Rare is this situation for me to turn somebody down and it is only when they want us to pay for a room. Honestly, if we had the extra money, we would; but the cost of living even affects us here.

Back to Church Builders. They are a ministry in SC that helps build relationships with God, other ministries and people. I spoke with Pastor Jim when Geoff and I went home last week for a couple of days. CB has their parent charter status of 501(c)3 and helps other ministries as a child organizations under their parent status. I know, it seems confusing, but basically, if we are accepted by CB, we will have our NPO number within a week or two as a ministry under them. I never thought it could move so fast. I never thought it would grow this much or even be possible! But that was the problem, I was thinking. I had prayed for God to lead us in the direction He saw for us; I had prayed for somebody to help us to be able to help others; I had prayed for the vision of a shelter. God answered all those prayers. Typically it takes months to get your NPO completed. God sent me to CB for help and with opened arms, they reached out to us.

Many times people will ask the same religious question, "How do we know there is truly a God?" Anytime I am questioned this, my answer is "You are alive, you breath, you think, you feel, you exist." or "Go outside and look around, who did that, who created what is in your eye."



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