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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

"Ann Moore and Lois Hornsby"

Yesterday I had the pleasure to talk with Lois via phone. I have seen her name often in the paper or had many ask if I have spoken with her in regards to our efforts, but it seems like everytime I sit down to call her, my cell phone rings with somebody needing help. Again her name was brought up to me yesterday morning at breakfast with Ann (oh and by the way, Ann met my husband at breakfast, so she knows he exists.) Ann has become the equivelent as my friend Vera in SC. I remember when Ann first called me in March. I was so excited because she was already a 'mentor' to me. Even though we have only had a couple of face to face meetings, we talk often on the phone. Whenever I feel like I am losing strength or just need a kind ear to vent, I know I can call her for a 'pick me up' mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Rarely can we get off the phone within 1/2 hour, but they are conversations I always look forward to. And when she was gone for a couple of weeks, I felt lost without her kind voice. Again, we met briefly this morning to talk about plans for a shelter. I told her about calling Lois and how glad I finally found the time.

Lois seems to be a very strong, yet kind hearted woman. We discussed some of the hardships and struglles Geoff and I have experienced since our move and working with the homeless. I talked about the goals and vision for the shelter and the proposed area we have laid out. She also knows of the struggles to establish a shelter in Williamsburg. She, at one point, also had the same shared dream. She seems to have a lot of insight in the needs of the people and others that need our help. Obviously, which I knew before I called her, she stays very active and busy within the community. But, Ann and I continue to pray that Lois will eventually join us in our efforts to reach out our hands to the homeless.


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