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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

"The McKenzie's"

I have talked about my husband many times throughout this journal, but other than when we go to Church, few people see us out together. Why? Because he works! As a painter, his hours vary daily. Thus, he usually isn't available when I go out to take food or help people out with transportation and so forth. Many around Williamsburg have met us individually, but only a few have met us as husband and wife.

In the past we have considered putting the picture on the webpage, but we never felt the need until today. A friend of ours late this afternoon needed to talk with me. At first I thought she might be in trouble and since I was heading to the same area she was in, I took some extra time to spend with her. Shocking enough, she informed me about another person within an agency was 'talking about me.' Now, I have learned not to mention names unless given permission, so in this case I won't. But, basically I was described to another person as being 'intimidating' and how I couldn't have been born in 'the South' (I assume they meant SC) and I must be from the North. Which she was right I wasn't born in SC, I was born here in Richmond, VA. I was raised in WV and lived the past 11 years in SC. No I have never lived in what I think she would mean by 'the North' and if she was saying that Northern people are intimidating, then what about the other citizens that make up a large population of Williamsburg from Jersey and New York. Because they are Northern does that mean they are intimidating? Also, she pointed out how I go under the bridge 2 times a day, BY HERSELF! Rarely am I by myself. I have the watchful eyes of the homeless that we have become friends with as protection and truly I haven't found it to be all that scary. I know others who also take things down, but we use common sense. Even my mentor, who I have become very close to, Ann Moore, has taken things to the bridge. But what really shocked me was the fact she stated "she talks about her husband, but has never produced him." Geoff and I got a nice laugh out of that one! No I didn't produce him, his Mother and Father did; but if you mean you haven't met him, one day you probably will. But, I don't know many women who take their husbands to work with them? But, at least for now, you can at least 'visualize' what we look like.


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