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Thursday, May 22, 2003

One of the things my husband and I spoke about last night after I blogged was the issue of itimidation and where your heart is and for whom it reaches out to. I asked him "Do you find me to be intimidating or gruff with people?" He just laughed and smiled before he carefully answered my question. (Keep in mind, he has been around me when I have spoken informally about homelessness and when I have been requested to come out and speak.) "No, you aren't intimidating. You have a very soft heart for those who need our help. But I have found when you are around others that have seemed to be blinded to the reality of the situation or haven't experienced the plight of homelessness, you are firm with the words you use." Today, after several conversations with people in the community and Churches I realized, Geoff was right. Most of my conversations today, prior to finishing the call, the person would respond "I have enjoyed this talk and the efforts you are fighting for." I do explain to people, if I have made you feel uncomfortable, then my task is complete. If I have touched your heart, I have done what God wanted done. If I have made you think, then your eyes may be opened a little more. BUT, I use the word "I" loosely; for it is not I who has done this! IT IS GOD! I am just a tool for Him. The Glory is unto Him. I always ask for His wisdome before speaking, so no matter how YOU feel after meeting me or speaking with me, it is how God wanted you to feel for whatever actions you have or have not done!


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