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Thursday, May 15, 2003

**Motivation Is His Middle Name**

Hi, this is Suz. Patti's cable modem had a surge so I am blogging for her, from a tape she dropped off.

Last week while Geoff and I were out of town, J called my cell phone for help. After I explained that we didn't have a shelter here yet and we are no longer to have anyone come to our house for more than 3 consecutive days (even friends to visit), he told me his situation. His fiance is at one shelter and he was at another in Newport News. He was able to get a job, actually not one but two, in Williamsburg, but couldn't start yet, because he has nowhere to stay. "Wow, that is commendable of you to be homeless and get 2 jobs!" He has a Mother in the area where he was sheltering, but refuses to stay there. I told him I would try to locate something. He doesn't have any debts so when he does get his first paycheck in 2 weeks, it can go to cover his living expenses. I started calling everywhere, but wasn't having any luck.

Monday he was suppose to start work, yet I still hadn't found anywhere. OK I guess God will lead me, but I still felt bad to pick him up to work, knowing he wouldn't have anywhere to go afterwards. I headed to NN, not knowing who to really expect, other than the fact I talked to several people who work at the shelter he was in and they all assurd me he was fine. "How will I recognize him?" I asked one of the staff. "He looks like a teddy bear." I pulled up and sure enough, he looks like a teddy bear. Not just the size of him, but he has this innocent warm face and a sweet heart that shines through his smile. While I was driving back with J, I asked more about his Mother. I noticed he calls her by her first name, which made me think it was a step parent. Tears started streaming down his face as he began to talk.

He was the by product of a rape. His 'Mother' always resented the reminder he had become to her. He has asked her before "Why didn't you have me killed by abortion if you didn't want me?" Well, she had been talked out of it, just the same on giving him up for adoption. "Weekly she tells me how much she hates to look at me. How I will never be anything because of the way I came into this life. And she has never allowed me to call her Mom because she hates me." It was so sad and hard to hear how somebody could take the beauty and gift of a child and make it evil. But, I also assume she blames her drug problems on her rape as an escape, as well.

The manager who hired J wasn't in so he was told to start the next night. Oh God, please let somebody help him. It is too late to go to any churches and I can't leave him on the street. I called Joe. "Could ya help me out?" Joe told me how to get to his place and said it would be fine for him to stay alnight. After I dropped J off, I was about to leave and then I remembered he probably hadn't eaten all day. I called up the local pizza place, who donates pizza for the homeless whenever I need it, and they ok'd to deliver 2 pizza's to Joe's. The next day J told me it was one of the best night sleep he has in a long time. He is starting his training now for his new job and at the end of the month he starts a day job at another place. J tried yesterday to get assistance with a hotel room from an agency, but they were strapped. Hopefully tomorrow, when he goes to a church that is going to help him out until his paycheck, he can settle into a hotel room. In the meantime, I have been calling around to find an inexpensive apt. he and his fiance can rent, since another agency said they would cover his security deposit, if he covers his first months rent. But for now, he has made a few more friends in Williamsburg and found some security that he has found love to rid the hate, joy within his accomplishment and efforts for a normal life and a new path with God.


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