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Monday, June 30, 2003

Not all homeless people are drunks or druggie's. My cousin( we will call her kelly) had been kicked out of her boyfriends house with her one year old daughter.she went to social services and they refused to help her saying that she needed an address. Social Services put her in a shelter for one week, Then Kelly was back out on the street with her little girl. What did she do? She went and found another and then another until the shelters would'nt let her back in until a certain amount of time went by. Kelly lived in an old abandoned house for two days. she found someone who would let her sleep on the couch with her baby for a night. That person in turn asked one of their own friends if Kelly and baby could stay there. That is how it went on for 4 months, shifting from one neighbor to another. I feel it was because of the baby that they let her in.Kelly has a spine defect(since birth)it is hard for her to work. Kelly cannot sit for long periods of time and she cannot stand for long periods of time. This has all been confirmed by a doctor, yet when she went to apply for SSI she was denied.No food stamps ,no medical benefits nowhere safe for her little one, something every mom and dad wants for their children. Kelly found a shelter that would take her once again. Sign in started and 5 o'clock and if you are not ontime you are out of luck. She made it to the most disgusting shelter around. She had to stand on a bucket and tried to wash the filth that was on her and her little one. On the other side of the thin shower was a man. She was scared,hungry and worried about her little girl. A little girl who should have toys of her own, a clean bed in a safe place. Kelly had to leave the shelter and is now in a little building with no bathroom or running water. The little girl is almost two years old now.. Close your eyes real tight and imagine for one minute that this was you and your child....We need a shelter .. We need a safe place for the less fortunate to go until they are able to rejoin society..Look deep into your heart.......WWJD...We know the answer to that....................


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