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Saturday, June 28, 2003

Main Entry: pros·e·ly·tize
1 : to induce someone to convert to one's faith
2 : to recruit someone to join one's party, institution, or cause
to recruit or convert especially to a new faith, institution, or cause

First, I would like to know where on the webpage we have stated we are wanting to convert anyone to a faith? We have never made that claim. We did say this is a faith-based program. Yes, we are a ministry. But we have always said that we work with people where they are at the time and do not try to force any religion on a person. Yes, we do talk about our faith in God and our relationship with God to our friends. When we have taken people with us to Church, it is by their request. We don't turn anyone away because they don't believe as we do. We don't try to cram religion down their throat. Those who want more knowledge of God and Christianity, we witness and minister to them. Those who don't, we still provide help and friendship. All people should be deserving of kindness, friendship and love (even the Bible teaches us that.) We accept everyone for who they are, not how Williamsburg wants them to be. Obviously, this town wants the homeless to remain homeless. If this wasn't the case, you wouldn't fight against a shelter or constantly condem them. People come to Christ when they are ready and when they want to make that commitment. It needs to be their desire for a relationship with God because it is a personal choice. Not a standard set by man.

Even though we will have a chapel on-site, it will not be required attendance. If you force somebody to do something they are not ready for, they run or rebel against it.

Secondly, what is wrong with witnessing to a person of how God has helped in one's life? For many we have talked with, it gives them hope. God is awesome and provides to us daily. So why should we not praise Him for all that He does? Take a look at the national educational system and ask any Pastor their opinion. I have heard many speak on how, when the Commandments and prayer in school were removed, crime rate and values in our school system were greatly affected.

Thirdly, ESH also has a chapel on grounds. Since they are a state owned facility, and as you say about separation of church and state, why haven't you questioned them about this?

Lastly, yes a church in SC sponsors us as our fiscal parent. That does not mean they support us monetarily. Grove Outreach is also sponsored fiscally by a church. Will your tax dollars go to support the shelter? Only what the government allows through state and national grants. If Pres. Bush can see the importance of faith based programs, why can't you? Responded by Patti McKenzie


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