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Friday, June 27, 2003


Yes, Dave and Mary arrived in town 3 weeks ago, but they have not been here that amount of time. For most of the time, they were at Carolyn Court. Then when Pastor Dave, from Williamsburg United Methodist contacted us for help, we made arrangements for them elsewhere. Dave was to start a job at Farm Fresh this past Sunday and Mary worked at Quality Inn. When they called Mary's sister for help with money to get an apartment, they found out she was having severe heart problems and was in the hospital. They were able to get to her sister's bedside, and when she was stable, came back to Williamsburg. Unfortunately, they were not able to hold their jobs. But, Mary within a day was able to secure another job and Dave is waiting to hear from applications he has submitted.

Now, in the deal we worked out with our landlord, we may allow somebody to stay on our property for three days per month. So far, we have not violated that and where Mary secured a job, they are able to work out lodging at her job as well. Even prior to the interview, Dave and Mary planned on leaving and going to their new 'home.'

In regards to the building at ESH, we had told David (the reporter) the process for potentially getting the building. THIS IS NOT AN OFFER MADE TO US YET! We must research Zoning first. If at that time we get approved by Zoning, the building will then have to be offered to all other NPO first. If nobody wants it, then it will have to be approaved by the State for it's use. If that is approaved, it will be offered to us. This is a long procedure, but not an offer yet. Again, this was stated before hand.


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