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Monday, June 23, 2003

This is an email I received early this afternoon. The writer also submitted it to the Last Word at VA Gazette.

Patti McKenzie Is Deserving
When I saw the Last Word this weekend regarding other charities being more deserving, it made me question why they felt this way. Were they meaning the homeless weren't deserving of help? Or are they implying Patti McKenzie and her efforts aren't deserving? Many people still think all homeless people are either drunks or druggies. But, I and my husband are one of the homeless Patti has been working with and helping with our problems and neither of us drink or do drugs. We turned to all the other agencies, including Social Services and HIP in Williamsburg, yet we were given no assistance, except from Patti and the Churches she works together with. I have a full time job and so does my husband. But, because of past problems with our credit, we can not find a place to rent. We have the money to afford rent monthly, yet we don't have the credit to secure a place. We are just one of many Patti helps and most of them don't have drug or alcohol problems either. Homelessness doesn't discriminate, unfortunately the people do. There are many reasons in Williamsburg that people are homeless. People have been laid off or lost their jobs due to cut backs and are homeless. A man who was a top seller with a timeshare agency, who had medical problems and was out of work for weeks, almost became homeless and saught help to stop it before he was on the streets. He couldn't get help either from the agencies. An executive of Williamsburg knows his son is homeless, but he doesn't agree with his son's sexual preference. A lady lost everything because her money was stolen along with her car. Because of the length of time to get the money and car returned to her, she was already on the streets. And yes, there are some who drink. But, one of the homeless, who Patti also worked with, is off of alcohol and has given his life back to the Lord. If the latter doesn't show we are a deserving group of people, what makes you deserving? I pay taxes like you do, take care of my child and makes sure she gets an education and work 40 hours a week.
Many don't realize there are over 40 people Patti works with that have similar situations like mine. But, what is going to happen when Carolyn Court closes in December or Five Forks is sold or the other weekly motels that we stay in shut down. How many homeless do you think there will be then? Will we be deserving at that time?


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