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Saturday, June 28, 2003

LAST WORD 6/28/03

WHI: I have requested for many to respond to the articles below. I will post the responses as they come in.

"The McKenzie's have made it clear on their website that they will proselytize to those seeking help at their homeless shelter. That would be fine at a private institution, but ESH is state-owned. Do we still have separation of church and state, or will our tax dollars go to support the out-of-state church that sponsors Williamsburg Homeless & Indigent?

"I hope the state and James City will not allow the homeless to be housed at ESH. Such housing will attract them from all over, and these people should not be on ESH grounds. As the crime rate increases, patients are likely to be blamed. I can see the patients' freedom to exercise their hard-earned privilages will be curtailed as a result. Who is going to pay for the renovation of Building 27? Who will pay for on-going maintenance, staffing and the day-to-day support for the homeless? Will the homeless get their medical care from the already overtaxed Olde Towne Medical Center?"


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