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Monday, June 23, 2003

ESH facility eyed for homeless shelter
Over the weekend, our local newspapers published our story for the hopes of a homeless shelter. Unfortunately, I can't get a weblink to VA Gazette's story, but above is a link to The Daily Press.

Although I haven't written about Greta's experience, I am trying to arrange police escort for her to go to NN and retrieve her belongings. Greta's fiancé's contacted me last week because she was scheduled to exit Eastern State Hospital and had nowhere to go. I picked her up the next day and after getting some food, we went to her father's home to see if she could stay until she was able to get back on her feet. Greta is a very bright Interior Decorator, yet has past problems of depression and post traumatic syndrome. A few years ago, she was beaten beyond recognition and close to death, trying to protect her newborn baby. This nightmare continues to haunt her. Her parents disagrees with the medications she takes for her fears and it has caused a conflict with her seeking safety at their home. Although her father was reluctant, he agreed to help her, since she would be on the streets if he didn't take her in. But, seven weeks ago, at a place in NN where she was staying, when she went to get her possessions, her and her fiancé were brutally beaten by a patron at an unregistered 'safe haven.' Today she wants to go get her belongings and since things have been stable with her father, he agreed to take her. But, we can not take the chance of another beating by the people at the house, so NN police will be assisting with their attempt to gain back her belongings.

Will blog later about their success.


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