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Sunday, June 22, 2003

I have wonderful and joyous news! I was baptized today! Even though I accepted Christ as my Savior at a young age, being raised in an atheist family, I was never allowed to talk about my relationship and love for God. After my Mother passed, I felt I was free to talk about my everlasting faith in God, but still wanted to find a church I could call home. This is not a decision I take lightly and refused to join a church only because they wanted me. For 3 years I searched and prayed and even when we moved to Williamsburg, my search continued. I desperately wanted to be baptized but knew this was an important decision and needed to be where God wanted me. Today, after Geoff and I prayed together to know if York River Baptist was the place for us, the Holy Spirit moved me (to the point I practically knocked my husband and his son over) to go before the congregation and proclaim my faith. There were many signs pulling me and I couldn't get up the aisle fast enough. The fear I had once had of coming before a congregation was removed and tears freely ran as I approached Pastor Bill. When I had seen in the bulletin that the baptism at the river was this afternoon, all I could think was "They can't do it without me, I want to be part of this dedication! Pastor Bill was speaking to me by the Holy Spirit." So even though I was 4 when I privately took Christ into my heart, today I publicly testified my faith and love! Now, I can truly call all Christians my brother and sister and know my family is the best family under God. Patti (your sister in Christ)


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