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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Letter Geoff and I Received In Our Mailbox Yesterday

This letter was mailed to us, Monday night, AFTER our meeting. It was unsigned and no return address. Obviously, the person feels they are bold in writing it, but not enough to stand behind it! But, we know who sent it. The letter is as follows:
Many wish to perform God's work on earth and to become a true vessel of God, but few will achieve it. Working for God has become an ego booster for too many workers. It is used to justify actions and words that are hurtful or harmful, because "I am doing God's work, so what I do God does." Proclaiming oneself God's vessel is lifting oneself above the ordinary workers, at least in your own eyes. It makes one feel important and elevated above others.
Truly being a vessel of God requires humility and acceptance. The vessel does not need to boast to the world; it will become apparent through actions. A vessel does not state what God's will and God's plans are; only God knows that. You may pray and give thanks and offerings on a continual basis and love Jesus with all your heart, but that does not mean that what you want will become God's plan. It is arrogant to think that just because you want something, God will give it to you or make it happen.
If things are going according to God's plans, He does not cause your words and actions to turn others against you and His work. That is your own doing due to your own pride. If you do not learn to humble yourself, God may find a way to do it for you.
The true vessels that have helped others have not thought themselves better than others, but actually beneath others. They are thankful for what God has done for them, without demanding more. When you can quietly work and know what you are doing is right, then you MAY become a vessel of God.

Our Response:

To the writer (who does not have the courage to reveal his and her name),

There is a great difference between a wish and a desire. The Bible says "He will grant you the desires of your heart." It is with this promise in mind that we seek to keep our desires pure before Him. On a personal level, we don't pride ourselves on being a vessel of God; but we just humbly stay out of His way so He may work through us. God says of Himself, "I am a jealous God, and will not share my glory with another." We are mindful of this when we seek continuously to give Him glory.
As to boasting of God's plans, etc: It is our utmost desire that God will be glorified through us. It is He who has directed us, even in small details such as posting the web-page so that others may pray with us and rejoice in the victories He wins for the Kingdom. God forgives us if we are arrogant. God will also forgive you for judging.
I grant you that the Proverbs say that, "When a man's ways please the Lord, He makes even His enemies to be at peace with Him." However, the New Testament says that the Gospel is an offence. Peter, standing before the Sanhedrin said, "Whom shall we obey? God or man?" In like manner, I ask you, "Whom shall we obey?The general populace who would not have a shelter or God?" If the world is offended that God would save the homeless, then may God save the hearts of those who are offended.
As to being "beneath" others: the root of the word "deacon" means "through the dust." When you have slipped and fallen into the 'bathrooms' of the people to whom you are bringing food to and have gone home smelling of feces and have returned again the next day (knowing the chance of falling again is likely) or refuse to take an umbrella when it is pouring outside, because you are no better than they are and if they are wet so are you; write to us then about humility. But this is not to our glory, but God's. We do not demand more of God for ourselves except that He would use us more tomorrow than today.
In conclusion, quietness in proclaiming the gospel? How shall they hear with out a preacher? A quiet spirit and a quiet mouth do not go hand and hand! "Doth not wisdom cry, and undestanding put forth her voice?" "She cries at the gates." We are not ashamed of Christ, nor will we be. So I beseech you, see what God will have you to do with your life and if it is to join in our efforts, we will welcome you.
Patti and Geoff McKenzie


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