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Saturday, June 14, 2003

"Dave and Mary"

Last week, Pastor Dave from our local Methodist Church contacted me about a couple he had in his office needing help. Now, this is a switch, since I usually contact him about people we need help for. Unfortunately, the Church had run out of funds (and some being my fault for calling upon them so much) and he really didn't want to turn this couple away. They had been staying in one of the weekly motels here and was inbetween paychecks, so they had to leave. "I am really impressed with this couple Patti and the desire they have expressed to get back on their feet is strong. Can you help?" "Of course" I told him, "that is our job and responsibility under God." Immediately I jumped on the phone and found a place for them until this upcoming week. Later, Mary and Dave, when I was able to meet them, told me Pastor Dave had commented on how I work 'outside of the box'. How I don't let others stop me. Although Pastor Dave and I have discussed this before, because I don't do the work, God does. I am His vessel. Without Him, it would be humanly impossible, as many others have tried before me.

Mary has a job at a hotel and Dave has put several applications in. He isn't use to not being able to provide and after last year of having to leave his job and go to FL to help care for a sick family member, he and Mary came back home to Williamsburg, with nowhere to live and no income. But, finally one of the jobs he applied for has come through, as of today. So, he will be starting work soon himself. Now, we just need to find them a permanent place to live, yet it needs to be on the busline. But, God does come through.


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