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Monday, June 02, 2003

ALLO! I'am the the r ed headed brit your mum warned you about.I also have a Wallace attitude as well. I was just thinking of my childhood: how I thought of the world around me. I was always the cause and effect method. I was about 4 yrs old when I took a walk-a-bout to a maket place in Bradon, near Ipwich in England. I had brought with me a pouch of my Dad's farthens and pennes. I sat in a door way and mapped my plan I was about to excute. I placed a few coins on the walk way as If someone had dropped and lost their change. Then I sat back in the door way and I patiently waited, (I did say I patiently waited remember I was only 4 yrs. old.) I had a colouring crayon and a small writting pad to write the findings. Well I saw my first subject Mrs. Blandso from Surry (she was a nanny to the family down the way.) I watched her strun face walking soldier-like and then slowly turn to look around. She dropped down and pick up one of the farhtens look at it turn it around and then dropped it back on to the walk way . Next I put out a few 12 ps a 1/2 crown and then waited a bobby and a preist from my own parish not ownly picked it up they both pocketed the coins without even checking around for owners. Tell to this wounder is a coin of lesser value. Is it less of a find because of its value? Or is the coin of more value more applealing in it amount / I was told that both were spendable. Now whats my point You think about it apparances can be deceiving . And amount of any thing is not just by appearance only. You can think on... Oh by the way I am Blogging for Patti but you'll know because of the spelling...


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