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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Temporarily Out Of Service

Geoff and I temporarily moved yesterday to one of our Board Members home. This was a decision that we and the Board made for our sanity. The clients (or should I say 'ex-clients') who were raising caine with us became worse as they were going back to their crack habits. Many of the lies continue. Yet, 3 rooms still remain faithful to their priorities of a home for themselves and families. They make it worth the efforts.

Due to all the work to pack up our belongings and my new job as a newspaper delivery person, I am taking a couple of days off to adjust my schedule of sleeping, deliveries and the ministry. The past past couple of days have been very hard with work because of the rain. The majority of my route is in and out of my vehicle, with the final delivery being to 104 people in a nursing home. Thus, I have 45 minutes of walking (yeah, I am actually enjoying the exercise and getting paid for it as well!)

We finally got our Grand AM back from the repair shop. That was a huge loss only having 1 vehicle for a month. But a very nice (yet hardened) mechanic helped us out by having it towed to his shop and replacing the fuel pump. The total came to $588.

Mr. Cheng and his family helped us with $338 last week (Mr Cheng, thank you so much and I apologize for not emailing back, but I only get 4 hours of sleep a day currently, until I get my sleep schedule down.) We are still recouping from the 3 rooms that 'cheated' us out of $900. It turns out they had the money all along, yet wanted it for partying. They figured it was easier to cost me the money than them lose their weekend pleasure. Unfortunately, after their fun, 2 ended up on the streets by their own accord, 1 ended up pregnant by her fleshly desires and partying and the other is struggling as she is being watched by the police for drug usage. In the meantime, we keep working hard until payday to prayfully catch up and then off to the motel for the ministry.

For anyone who has tried to call me, my cell is messed up. This morning it started telling me I was over my minutes (which I am not, especially on the weekend when it is free) and then later only responded in spanish, so I have no clue what it was saying then. I hope the sprint store is open tomorrow so I can take both mine and Geoff's in for repair. Well, time for bed. I will post more about a home we found.


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