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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Today an agency broke one of the cardinal rules in our area...they told a client what I had said and denied them help. Things were going great today with my friend from out of state (she was in the Iraqui war and came up to visit after a long time away)and then the director of the agency called me about several rooms here. She asked me about the fact that today and yesterday she had several calls from clients here and what was the deal. Only one room was ours and I told here that couple was in need, even though I still had my concerns about them. Then she asked me about the others....one room I had no clue who they were, the other was an ex-client of ours and the last was a room that I knew of: a mother, her daughter, son and father of the baby. This was also shortly after I found out Smitty blew $1580.00 on alcohol and crack and his probation officer called for a report. What a day! I told the lady at the agency what I knew (no I will not lie to any agency calling, even if it is not our room). She then called the manager and told them she would not cover their room and why. He then went to the people and told them. (So both were wrong!!!) The couple came down and confronted me. On top of this, I found out from the couple with us, they had been lying by talking to their church. I confronted them because they owed me $389 for the past week and a half on their room. They got beligerant and I told them to leave. In the meantime, I was surrounded by several homeless who were pissed off at me and ready to 'throw down'. "T" didn't believe me when I told her the agency called me about her, not vice versa. I didn't have time to deal with that cuz my friend was here for the day. Mr. Patel came around and got mad at me and told me to go to my room or take the argument out of here (yet he is part of the reason it happened.) For our rooms that are still here, we will still provide dinner.

I immediately called the 2 board of directors of ours who are in town and had them rush over. I also called Ann and let her know Geoff and I were leaving here this week. In the meantime, my friend Cat told our ministry room that I stood up for here, even though I had my doubts. That I did not deny her room being paid, even though she went off on me. Jenna and her husband discussed the fact we needed somewhere to go by this weekend and decided we could stay with them for the month as they stayed with us for a few months. The board all went to eat and discuss how the minstry would change, yet remain established.

After dinner, Wanda took Jenna, Cat and me on the ghost tour in CW. Wow, that was great and a lot of fun. It was a decent ending to a horrible day.


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