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Saturday, April 17, 2004


Dear Praying Church Friends, and Family:

I want to thank you for praying for Ray and Elizabeth. Several things have happened to let these people know that God cares, and that people are praying for them, and are truly concerned.
Among other things, Ray was given thirty-some hours of day labor (work) this passed week and paid. Friday, he and she were graciously given an opportunity to have meaningful work beginning Monday. Pray they will seize the opportunity, and make the most of it. Good jobs with oportunity to advance are scarce as hens teeth.
God has been faithful and has involved himself in their lives. He has provided people who are compassionate toward the poor and to be obedient to what they felt the Holy Spirit was telling them to do. He has raised up many people, in and out of our church to pray for them.
Most of the immediate needs of Ray and Elizabeth have been met. The lights and the water will be turned on at least by Monday, if not before. A stove and refrigerator have been donated. These things will greatly help them. In the meanwhile, People have brought them plates of warm food, and drinking water, and kerosene, etc.
God has raised up a street wise woman, who has been in their situation, to help them and counsel them. I am exceedingly thankful for her. She knows the Lord. And she knows poverty. And she knows why people get into the messes they get themselves into, because she has lived it. She is managing the various monetary gifts which God's people from various churches have given, and is making sure funds are used right. She is controlling the distribution of them. No money is being directly given to the Harris's by her. She says this is not wise. However, she is making sure they have what they need, as they need it. Today she is taking them to a laundry where they can wash their clothes, and also taking them to a store where they can buy groceries.
A few years ago,God saved this special lady out of drug addiction, and lifted her out of poverty and sinful living, and now she helps those who are still in it. It is her ministry to minister to people like Ray and Elizabeth. She says that much of their situation is self induced. She is making them realize it, and deal honestly with it.
This woman, besides helping them practically, has been joined by another women every morning of this past week at 6 AM at their church, to pray for over Ray and Elizabeth. I am told she has spent hours in prayer for them. (I hear some of you have also.)
Ray and Elizabeth have a huge need to have the proper relationship with God, with each other, and with practical living priorities.
Each professes to be saved, but that does not mean they are. There is something missing in this picture. I sense it, and so, especially, does Alma.
I am not encouraging Ray and Elizabeth to come to our church. We are too far away from where they live to be of much help. Besides, Alma's church is better set up to help them and to deal with their particular needs. Theirs is a deliberately mixed congregation with a black associate minister. They are deliberately trying to help the poor and broken, and their children. They want to help Ray and Elizabeth. I am glad to release them to their care.
In the mean time, I am urging you, as I did before, to pray earnestly for Ray and Elizabeth: (1) That God will help them with the development of their inner man; salvation, sanctification, deliverance from debilitating habits and addictions, and restoration to meaningful living and purpose. (2) That they will not "blow" this financial opportunity to get on their feet...I know someone who is betting they will, he's seen their kind before. (3) That God will provide dependable transportation so they can get back and forth to work, and do their daily living independent of the help of others.
It is almost impossible to do anything without a car. I am thinking seriously about loaning them (Elizabeth has a drivers license, Ray doesn't) my dependable white "missionary car" until I get back from Germany.
I am very aware I could wind up with mud on my face. But if I do, I do. At least I will have tried to be a doer of the word and not a hearer only in a practical attempt to be a keeper of the perfect law of liberty. What little I have done, for these folk, I have done unto the Lord. The same can be said several of you.
May the Lord richly repay you for your interest in these people. May he cause his face to shine up on you, and heap blessings upon you for being mindful of people with broken lives. Thanks for praying. Keep it up.


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