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Saturday, February 28, 2004


One of the reasons yesterday was stressful, other than all the phone calls and lack of rest, is the fact my pup pup is sick. For the past few days, he just hasn't been himself. He hadn't eaten (other than the dinner crumbs that fall from the table) in 3 days. I finally started giving him rice with chicken broth so he could keep up his strength, but even that hasn't been finished. He constantly shivers as if he is cold and has a fever. But the scariest part is that he keeps falling down. He will be walking and just falls as if his legs don't have the strength to hold him. Yesterday afternoon/evening I could tell he was in pain and anytime anyone goes to pet him, he growls. Almost as if he is saying "Don't touch me, I hurt!" I know I need to take him to the vet Monday, but I am also scared. He is only 3 years young and I have had him since he was 6 weeks. He is my best friend and has kept me from being lonely at times (yes, even when you have people constantly over during the day, you can still get lonely.) Back when Geoff and I first moved here, and Geoff kept having to drive to SC for weeks at a time to work, BaBoo was the only one I had to spend time with and talk to. We would run and play or watch a movie or dance or just hang out together. He has been a blessing to me in hard times or when I felt low. I fear the vet will tell me he is very sick and need to go to sleep forever. (Yes, I know there is also the chance he will be fine, but somehow I feel his time is coming to an end.) Just to think of it makes me cry


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