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Saturday, February 28, 2004


Yesterday was day of excitement, frustration, stress and a lot of prayers! By 11:00 AM, there had already been 20+ phone calls. I felt myself draining. I needed a break. We also had several people show up for lunch and fellowship. "I'm tired, I'm stressed and I just want to lock myself in the bedroom and sleep" I thought. But, I knew I couldn't so I kept praying for strength to keep going, especially with a new friend who LOVES to talk, non-stop. I didn't think I could handle one more phone call and then it happen: the phone rang again (please let it be God cuz I need to talk to somebody.)

The voice on the other end was so sweet, yet scared. She was getting ready to be thrown out of her grandmother's house because there was no more room for her and her 4 year old. Her grandmother had a house full and couldn't handle a 4 year old on top of that. She was recently laid off from her job to make it worse and had very little money. "I pray, but I feel my prayers go unanswered. God doesn't love me. I am cursed. I don't drink or do drugs and try to live a good life and want to provide some type of stability for my daughter. But, I have nowhere to go." all this in between sobs. Not to say I couldn't handle this and be a friend with a shoulder to cry on, but I knew I wasn't the one God wanted her to talk with. But, I didn't know who to help counsel her. Her phone started to die so we arranged for me to call her back in an hour. I didn't want to leave her hanging and even though I knew I needed some rest, she needed help. I didn't know what to do. I was drained emotionally and physically. So I prayed. Then it came, the answer to my prayer!

Last summer we were able to help another lady out by getting her into an apartment. She was now seeking a roommate to share the apartment with and the cost was only $350 a month. For here, that is a cheap price. So I called her to see if she was still looking for somebody and what was her criteria. OK so far so good. I knew God was leading me with answers, but still this girl needed the right person to talk to for guidance. I called my Pastor, but ended up speaking with his wife. After I was finished speaking of this new friend in need, God was leading her to the person who could be a friend to this young confused girl. She would call and see if she would be willing to talk. Once again, God gave us a way passed another problem. Now for the final hurdle: MONEY! It would take $350 to get her into the apartment. So I started calling churches and explained the glory of a home for this lady and her young daughter. Within 45 minutes, $200 of it had been pledged.

So I called the young lady back and asked "so when do you want to move into your new home?" She started sobbing. We made the final plans to meet today so she could see the apartment and meet her roommate. So today we met and she is just as cute as her voice is sweet. She is only 26 and just feels a little lost. I told her about the lady who would like to speak with her for encouragement and to be a mentor/friend to her as she gets her life back together. She loved the apartment and we agreed to meet tomorrow at 7:00 to move beds, a dresser and TV in her room.

God is awesome!


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