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Thursday, April 15, 2004


Email I received from Dad to a person who also pledged to help. The name the email was to has been omited:

Dear ___________

I counted your gift. I added it to another gift. They totalled $130. After church tonight, I talked with the woman from another church who helped "E" keep from committing suicide because she and her female friend (both Christians who love people as they are) came on Monday evening with warm food and drinking water and a caring concern; who later went to a station and bought kerosene for their little heater so they could be warm during Monday's cold night. I imagine the heater is being used tonight, too.

Vera had also been given money tonight, and so had her friend. Together with what they have gathered and your gift and the other gift, there is enough to turn on the water and the lights. Praise the Lord. Soon they will be able to have a bath once again, and cook and have warm meals. Vera's friend has donated an electric stove and a refrigerator to replace the ones they got rid of, fearing what would happen when the Sheriff came.

A knowledgeable real estate woman has involved herself with stopping the eviction process and the repossession of the house. She has worked with the Texas company that holds the mortgage on the house. God has raised her up to protect them and to give them peace of mind, because she knows the company well and how they operate.

A man offered each of them a job in the Greenville Sheet Metal company near Piedmont. I learned tonight they are going to take the jobs, and work together on the same shift. This will give them a long term decent income. It will save them from having to do a lot or extra driving to jobs. "R" will finish his 40 hour week Thursday. He will be paid Thursday evening. This will give them some operating money. I will take them Friday for interviews. They will start Monday morning. The great immediate need is dependable transportation, and insurance to cover the car. "E" has a driver's license. "R" lost his for some reason and will get his back later this year.

God is working in their behalf. Thanks for listening to his Spirit. A real miracle of healing is taking place. These people are being lifted up and believing in a God who hears and answers prayer. They are finding out he has some children who really care about others.


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