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Wednesday, April 14, 2004


Another email from Dad today to give us an update. This was actually sent to family members all over.

May the outcome be the lifting of this family's spirit toward Christ and their
encouragement, and the family of God toward ministering outside of their "box".

Dear Family:

The above, your words, is exactly what is happening to "R" and his wife. They are being lifted. They are experiencing the Love of Jesus from people God has all over this town. An interesting story is unfolding. The God of the Universe is, indeed, in this picture. There are some very caring people in the community who are now involved, and others are getting involved. Some are comrades from our congregation. Some are people I have never seen, but still are 'brothers of the blood'. Patti McKenzie, my daughter in law, in Williamsburg, VA read the same letter you have read. She called Vera, a special friend in Greenville. Then she called me and gave me her number. I called Vera. I told her the story. She called a black woman who ministers daily to street people. At 6 PM she and Vera took warm food and water, and (later) got kerosene for a little heater. (It got cold Monday night in Greenville.)

Vera went back last evening (Tuesday) . "R"s wife, she found out in that visit, was on the verge of suicide the very evening (Monday) they brought the water and food. She had come to the end of her hope. She told Vera, "You will never know what your visit meant to me. You will never, never know...."

Today at 11 AM Vera is bringing "E" to Pat, my wife. Pat is going to do her taxes. If she can legally find a way, she will get "E" tax credit. That can mean a special gift from the Government which can cover a lot of bills. In the meanwhile Vera is going to see what can be done to stop the eviction by the Loan company. One month's payment has been offered to
prime the pump, so to speak. Vera was told by another Christian friend that she and her husband want to get involved some way. Maybe they will pick up another month's payment. We have heard that the equivalent of two months payment ($385 per month) will stop it. She is checking it out. Once stopped, the lights and the water can be turned back on.

The men where "R" is temporarily working have also taken an interest in this man and his family. Yesterday they gave him a case of bottled water, and some money so they can take their clothes to a Laundromat and wash them. Others have given special money gifts for lunch and other things. There is a man that works there who is picking "R" up for work and taking him home.

There is a man from our church who is over a factory in Piedmont. He thinks he can employ both "R" and his wife, but he has to have a decision today. They pay fairly well. Two incomes could give them the money they need to live decently and pay bills. The big issue for that is the lack of dependable transportation. Piedmont is quite a drive. But the God who can give two jobs in one factory can also create a car, and provide the money to cover the insurance.

I am amazed at what is happening. And so are they.


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