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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

More emails sent to me today about the potential PORT program and about "Cowby"

**I read last week in the 'other paper' about the possibility for a PORT program in Williamsburg, lead by United Way. Has it not occurred to anyone else that Patti McKenzie is already working to help the homeless in Williamsburg? Even though she has only been here for a year, she has done more for the homeless than United Way, who has been established here for many years. Why all of a sudden their interest in establishing a shelter? Why don't they help to back the efforts of Mrs. McKenzie? Many people in the past have written into the papers against Mrs. McKenzie for the fact she went out on her own to help the homeless, one-on-one, instead of joining an agency; but now it seems it is the agencies who are going out on their own instead of joining Mrs. McKenzie. Mrs. McKenzie is well known for her work with the homeless, but nothing was mentioned in the article?

I, myself, appreciate what she is doing and would support her efforts instead of an agency, which has only recently decided to establish a shelter. I appreciate the opportunity Mrs. McKenzie offers us in the community to personally get to know the homeless as people, not a name on a folder with markings of how many times they have been given help. I appreciate the awareness she has created here in Williamsburg. And I respect the solution she has provided to give the homeless, not only places to live and call their own, but hope and self-worth.

As a citizen, I say we should support her goal for a shelter and if anyone should be in charge, I say it should be Patti McKenzie!

**If it weren't for James City, "Cowboy" would not be dead. The county needs to realize that there are homeless individuals in the community and if they are kept off the street something like this would not have happened.

**The man killed by the train seemed to have given up. He had no more hope and nothing to look forward to. I am aware that Patti and Geoff McKenzie are trying to start a homeless shelter and the local officials are fighting them. Williamsburg is No 1 in not offering affordable housing or a shelter and it's a shame. The city should do something about this so others won't want to give up their life in such an aweful manner.


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