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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Sorry I haven't written, or what I may write will be short. But, those of you who log on to read (and yes, I do know who visits the webpage, as it is monitored...) know or may realize, my commitment is to the people who need help and then I report daily activities. I am their voice, they share with me their hopes/needs/dreams so I can pass it along. All the agencies, with all they do, are very helpful and try, but even though I have been having meetings with them, my loyalty remains with those who need the help.

Mr. Scruggs and Peter (Human Resource Services) were very helpful in making me understand where some of the problems are for this area. As they pointed out, Williamsburg is made up of 3 counties. They is a huge obstacle! Although they want to make it seem like I carry the concern for those 'who have fallen between the cracks.' That is a fair assumption, but it is wrong. But, they were willing to listen and vice versa.

Now today's meeting with Joyce O'Brien, contrary to what I have heard, I liked her. She seemed to be very nice, concerned and interested. I told her how I became involved, she gave me some background regarding her and this areas United Way and it seemed to click. She understands and it seems we both agree that all agencies need to be going in the same direction.

In regards to agencies, that is all I have to say for now. After church I will update further. I want to talk about a 'special night' we have planned for all those who want to join in and the work we found for 3 guys today.


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