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Monday, September 19, 2005

Being A "Righty" Is Not Very Good

Three weeks ago, I had an accident at work and ripped my nail and root out of my middle finger on my right hand. Although it is almost healed to where I can get a fake on put on, it slowed me down for awhile and worked, but more importantly at home unpacking. Most of the work has been on Geoff to get laundry done, dishes unpacked and things put in it's place. We still have more boxes to go and was starting to see a lot of difference, until today. This morning, after my main route was complete, I went to go and do my W&M bulk drops. Just like any day, I pulled up on the cobblestone walkway at the Campus Center, opened my trunk to get the 60 papers out, walked up the walkway and saw the same sunken bricks that I see each day and thought, "They need to get that fixed before somebody gets hurt." I put the papers in the stand and took a stack of papers that were left and made my way back to my car for the next drop, when all of a sudden, "WHAM!" It took me a secod to realize what happened. As I came off the last step, with a stack of papers, I had been the one to step in the hole that the sunken bricks have created! I was on my tush, papers everywhere and couldn't get up as I watched my ankle swell! Yes, it was my right foot!Prayerfully, I had my cell phone with me (because nobody was around at the time) and I called Geoff, "What are you doing right now?" I asked. He went on to tell me how he was doing his vacation packs and so forth. "Wait! I had a reason for calling! I need you to come pick me up off the ground!" I went ahead and explained to him what happened as he was telling our boss and on his way to the rescue. I then called my boss to let her know I would be late and said when she answered, "You might as well fire me cuz I am accident prone!" After laughing she asked how I was doing, but I wanted to reassure her I could do my route. Geoff pulled up and after getting pictures and dropping my other bulk papers off, we went to the hospital. Well, it turned out it is VERY VERY sprained with a hairline crack, but not enough to cast it. I am in an air ankle splint, ankle and foot wrapped and an orthopedic boot on....crutches too for at least 2 weeks or until the orthopedic doctor says I can get off of them. Friday I have to go to an orthopedic doctor.
But, now this slows us more down on unpacking, which in return slows us down in getting back to the ministry. But, we keep on keeping on, so we can get back to God's work!


  • At 5:17 AM, Anonymous Cheng said…

    Dear Patti,

    You want to be very careful since it is always dark when you deliver newspaper ...



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