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Friday, November 26, 2004

Update To Our Closing

When Code/Compliance came back to verify we removed everyone from our property, I was able to find out who turned us in. All I kept thinking was "Who could be so cruel as to displace so many people, including a 20 month old baby, her 4 year old brother and parents?" But, I never thought I would be so shocked as when I heard "Linda Hoyle reported you to the Officials."

Here is the background. Ned was released from jail on Aug. 25th. He could have been released before then, but because he had nowhere to go, Judge Powell wouldn't allow it. Ned's attorney called me to see if I could take him in. At court, Judge Powell ordered him to our house without a change of residence without court permission. Later that evening I went to pick him up. Ned was a sweet older gentleman who looked a lot like Santa Claus. As a matter of fact, he use to dress up as Santa for Salvation Army's Christmas events.

Ned was very sick with several medical conditions. His meds were endless. We were trying to help get him into an assisted care facility. Then in Oct., Ned's doctor requested a medical assessment here at our home. When I heard, I called a friend at Olde Towne Medical to ask about the lady who was coming to do the medical assessment. "Oh she is great. She can help to expedite in getting him into a care facility" I was told. A couple days later, Linda, along with Ned's sister and another lady showed up to meet with Ned. The other lady was where Ned was going to be moving. She and her husband have a license for 5 people to live with them where they care for their medical needs. At one point, Linda and I got into a conversation about the homeless problem in Williamsburg. "Patti, there isn't a problem here. Each municipality takes care of their own and those who live on the streets are there by their choice" she claimed. Ouch! I didn't know what hurt worse in her: her hardened heart or her closed-minded brain. "Then who are the people who live with us? And why did Judge Powell order Ned here?" I asked.

So now you know what wasn't told.


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