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Monday, December 15, 2003

Things have been so busy the past week as we get closer to Christmas. Last week I was getting nervous because we still had several on our list to be adopted for Christmas, but thanks to the Virginia Gazette, we are down to only 1 person (as of now.) The Virginia Gazette ran a small article that we submitted on the program Sat. and since then, the phone has rang off the hook. So many people wanting to adopt somebody or make stockings. But also since the story, many other people have signed up for our program that were unaware of it and even they were all adopted. We still have a week and 30 stockings to fill.

Yet, I did receive a phone call from a Mrs. Michael Luzzi on Sat. At first I thought she was calling to adopt somebody but instead I was greeted with "why don't you get them a job?" I tried to explain that the majority of them already had jobs and the main reason those who don't work are because of not having an ID, but she just kept forcing her opinions. She started to blurt out that "the cost of living here..." as I finished her statement "doesn't match the pay wages." "Right!" she exclaimed (which at this point I thought we would have a decent conversation, but...) "I have many friends who have come here to live and it was too expensive for them" she stated (almost like she was proud she could afford it and her friends couldn't.) "have you thought about having them incarcerated?" "oh of course, so instead of helping a person get back on their feet and become a tax paying citizen in the community once again, you think it would be better to put them in jail and have the taxpayers pay for it?" I questioned. With each scenerio I tried to give her of different people we have worked with, she always had an answer...ship them out of here or they were stupid for being in the position of being homeless. But in a sarcastic way, I had to give her kudos as she bragged that "her and her husband both have a job." She was getting angry with me and said "how dare you have an article in the paper to make us feel guilty about the homeless not having anything for Christmas?" Once again I tried to explain "I can't make you feel guilty. If you feel guilty don't blame me and my actions but look at the lack of your actions." With her attitude becoming endless and the conversation pointless, I wanted to hang up, but I stood firm. Then she questioned "oh you must be registered as a Democrat!" "No actually I am registered as a Republican but what does that have to do with..." "well I think you are a liar!" Click! So I didn't have to hang up, she hung up on me.

So Mrs. Luzzi, who has a job and a cozy $145,000.00 condo, again I give you kudos. Not for having a job, but for being a mean hearted person who continues to want to use the homeless as a scapegoat for your hard efforts. God forbid you ever need help, but I pray hard He humbles you. And no it doesn't matter if I am a Dem or Rep. But, I am a Christian who cares for all of God's people (even if you needed help).


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