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Friday, November 28, 2003

Thanksgiving Greetings!

God provided us with many blessings and new friends this week.

Monday we dropped off 5 turkey baskets (actually moving boxes full with goodies and Thanksgiving supplies) that were provided by God through Steve & Priscilla Bingham and York River Baptist Church. Bless you and thank you for your help. Then Tuesday we had 3 other families call for turkeys and again Priscilla came to the rescue!

Tuesday afternoon we had roughly 20 people over for our Thanksgiving celebration with patrons from the weekly motels and other friends who had nowhere to go for dinner. We actually had 10 people get lost trying to find our home and didn't make it for dinner. After dinner, people sat down and did their letters to Santa for the "Adopt-A-Homeless Person for Christmas" program. The letters from the children were especially sweet. Then it was time to make to go plates and drove people back to their motel rooms.

Thursday was going to be a day of rest for myself, but God didn't see it that way! Many people in the weekly motels, including Family Inn and Days Inn, were confused about the date of the Thanksgiving dinner and called to schedule 'reservations.' I explained the dinner was Tuesday, but told them I would bring to go dinners to them. So off to the kitchen I went to make dinner plates from the leftovers. And again God sent people to help provide meals. Williamsburg United Methodist brought over the extra meals they had prepared (about 35 dinners.) I'm not sure how many they served, but I would say it was over 300 delivered! God Bless you Pastor Dave for the extra food! God stopped me at several other hotels to see if any weekly patrons would be interested in a dinner. I ran into a few patrons that did not speak English and couldn't understand me so I called Geoff and had him translate by cell phone. I left out around 3:00 with 75 meals and collapsed at home around 5:15 with 3 left over.

We pray your time with family and friends are filled with many blessings and cherished moments!


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