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Friday, November 21, 2003

A New Entry In Our Guestbook...Thanks Elizabeth for the info...I am familiar about this travesty the area is pushing on Mrs. Lee and in support her to keep the motel opened!

Wednesday 11/12/2003 4:50:03pm
Name: Elizabeth Hill
City/Country: San Diego
Comments: Having known the owner of the Tioga Motel personally for many years and if those criticizing how the motel looks would bother to research things, you will find that Mrs. Lee has been fighting the City of Williamsburg not only to improve her property (they won't let her) but the City, with the help of former Mayor Gil Granger who owns the properties across the street, have stolen part of her land. The boundaries of Tioga property extend into the middle of Richmond road. I have seen firsthand the documentation that Mrs. Lee has which include letters from Jackson Tuttle (City Mgr.) admitting the encroachement but they weren't going to pay her for it. The properties accross the street that are owned by the former Mayor (Granger) have been extended physically but surveys independently conducted by VDOT show these properties are where Richmond Road should be. Take my letter and go see Mrs. Lee. She is very nice and will patiently explain it to you.

Start asking the owners of the former Rhodes Service station why they weren't able to open it. The city REFUSED to let the property owners run their OWN property, and they have done a lot of detrimental things to Mrs. Lee in trying to get her property. I am in the process of compiling a factual accounting with documentation of Mrs. Lee's plight. I guarantee you, you will hear about it in the mainstream media. By the way, I worked for Mrs. Lee for 2 years and witnessed first hand the City of Williamsburg illegal activities and what they were doing to her. The problem with the City of Williamsburg is they don't know what "private property rights" mean. At the last Planning Commission meeting, an attorney claiming he represented the property owners got up and stated that he had the full support of the property owners to develop the properties for William and Mary. It would have passed but Mrs. Lee correctly announced that no one ever talked to HER and this attorney never had an OK from her. This is part of the mess. An attorney who gets up and LIES to city officials (Reed Nestor standing by knowing it was a lie) to get what they want.

There is also a crooked Judge at the James City County Courthouse by the name of Zepkin who is involved in this.

Don't take my word for it, and don't criticize me. Talk to Mrs. Lee. Research on your own.

Elizabeth Hill
Now of San Diego, CA


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