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Monday, December 01, 2003

For the most part, yesterday was a great day! A member from our church, Steve Bingham who also works with the homeless, had a few boxes of food left over from his turkey baskets. God is so good. I went into church with only a dollar to give and came home with a car full of can goods. And a neighbor gave us almost a whole deer over the weekend! So our freezers are stuffed full with meats and our cabinets are overflowing with food. We had been praying because we were getting low in our pantry and now that the cold weather is hitting hard, more people are needing help with food.

After a couple of hours rest, it was time to go back to church for choir practice. Actually, I had stopped going because of our ministry and little time, but since it was slow yesterday, I popped in to hear how practice for the Christmas musical was going. I wasn't expecting to end up back in choir, but it was nice. We actually have a new member at church who has an incredible soprano voice. After practice it was time for prayer service. I added many to our church's long list.

Another member from church, Jay who is Steve's son in law and a deacon at church, dropped off several bags of men and women's clothing. Unfortunately, I couldn't thank him because I was on the phone to Mom. Earlier we received an email from Mom that Dad was in the hospital with an irregular heart beat so I wanted to find out how he was doing. For the most part, he was in good spirits until they had to draw some blood. He was disappointed about having to go in because he had planned on coming up here for the week to get Geoff caught up in work.

Throughout the day, I was playing phone tag with a gentleman who needed help. Finally we were able to catch up with each other. His situation was very distressing to me. Not because he had lost his room where he stayed, but because he is member at another church and went to the pastor for help and was given our name for assistance. Actually, this particular church has called on many occasions seeking help for somebody. Even though I can't fully understand why he doesn't offer some assistance to the homeless who wander in, it is harder to figure out why he didn't help one of his own members. The gentleman needed only a night at a motel. Since we don't hand out money and it is hard to get help with rooms from the churches on Sunday night, we offered him our futon couch to sleep on for the night. Today I am trying to call around and find him a place he can rent.


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