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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it's time to get ready for Christmas! Yesterday I, with some help from my friends, started to put up the lights and decorate our house. I figured since many of the homeless do not have a place to decorate, it would be nice to have them come over to help in the festivities. Personally, I find the decorating better than the gifts. Today we are trimming the tree with lights and ornaments.

Last year in our old house we were nicknamed 'the beacon' because we had so many lights outside. This year, who knows.

While decorating the outside, we had an idea to do a live nativity scene in our yard. Thus far we figure we would schedule it for 2 hours each day of the weekend. A neighbor has several sheep and a mule that could play along in our plans. But, if you remember, Joseph and Mary were homeless at the time of Jesus' birth. This is just an idea we are playing around with, but we think it would be nice.

Also, we have added many names on the side of the webpage for people having Christmas wishes. The list is growing and may take a few days to enter everyone's wish. Again I remind people in our community that many of the people we work with haven't had a gift in several years. Please help a homelesss person have a nice Christmas this year!


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