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Friday, November 14, 2003

Well, things have been hectic (like always). I have been involved in the W&M Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week preparations for next week. I am excited to be a part of the upcoming events (and received a very nice T-Shirt out for the offerred help, although I think I would like to send it to Kevin, aka the Homeless Guy.) On top of giving small bits of advice to the groups planning the events next week, we have also been planning our Thanksgiving Day. I am a little nervous about the 25th because we haven't had much response from people wanting to donate food for the homeless. But, hey what do you expect in a town that claims they have no homeless? Our church, York River, and a sweet couple who reach out to the lost have pledged turkey baskets and my 'adopted father' is picking up some supplies from Sam's Club next week (actually I should clarify the statement of 'adopted father' since my sisters visit this webpage...this man looks identical to my Daddy...literally when I met him I started to cry cuz of how much he looks like him.) I know we still have a week to go to raise funds or food for Thanksgiving and I have to leave it to God. So far we have an estimated 30 people coming and I still am awaiting for confirmation from another 25+ people who have no place to cook, money to eat out or no home. We also have 4 families that we are helping to provide supplies to so they can cook their own meals (mostly people we have recently helped to get into homes.)

In regards to the events next week, I will try to blog each night, but can't promise.


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