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Sunday, October 26, 2003


To Whom It May Concern,

God is known for His amazing ability to focus and concentrate on the business at hand of this world. In Williamsburg, it is obvious He has been unable to keep still with all the opposition against the McKenzie's. It shows some who say they are Christian, do not practice their faith by works, unlike Patti and Geoff.
Yes, I am mad! When God sent an angel to Williamsburg to do His work that has existed and ignored for over 30 years, out of nowhere, Satan appears. Satan comes through the opposition to a couple who offer help, when we have been turned down elsewhere. But we all know God's power is wonderful and Satan doesn't have a chance to win.
Yes, I am one of the homeless in Williamsburg and wish we could all pull together in helping the McKenzie's to fight for what is right by God.

Thanks for listening,

L. Washington


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