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Sunday, October 26, 2003


A few weeks ago, I set up a generic email account for the homeless, so whether they are at the library or our house, they have a way to electronicallly communicate with others. Because of some homeless knowing about the problems with the county, they decided to write into the paper and officials. Last night I received a copy of a letter from a person who is currently homeless and the response from Sen. Norment to her letter. She informed me that she sent this to the Sen. Candidates and Del Candidates along with the York County Supervisors and papers. So far, she has only heard back from Sen. Norment, but he is known for responding to all calls and emails and fast.

Dear Officials and Candidates:

My name is Lisa. I am a homeless person in Upper York County of Williamsburg and I EXIST. I am not hopeless, just down on my luck. I am disabled, in need of help and without a home. Everywhere I turn I meet road blocks (i.e. bad credit, no family, few true friends, no transportation, no ID and medical needs), that all hinder my progress in establishing a stabile home.

This does not mean I am unable to use a computer, or that I hang out on the streets and drink, have no concern for my appearance, try to bring pain to others or don't want to be a productive member of the community. It does mean that I have no place to shower, or extra money for neccessary phone calls, a place to cook or store food (especially due to my medical nutrition needs), a place to keep my clothes and many other obstacles.

If Patti McKenzie is willing to lend a helping hand to people such as myself, please encourage her! Why fight against her if she is willing to help the people many in the community refuse to ackowledge, complain about or remain distant due to fear?

Thank You,
Lisa B.
place of residence...the streets of York County in Williamsburg

please do not discard this because I do not have a home or phone number, I did take the time to get to a computer and type it

Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 08:18:01 -0400
From: "Norment, Thomas K., Jr."
To: "Williamsburg Homeless"

I do not think your entire email came through because it ended in mid-sentence and did not show your name. Your message was eloquently stated, and I sure will move the conscience of those you sent this email to. I have thought Patti's ideas for the homeless are worthy of serious consideration. I even went to one of her board meetings to learn more. It has just turned out that the Eastern State Hospital plan is not workable. I hope she will continue her efforts, and God bless you. Tommy


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