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Friday, October 24, 2003

Unfortunately, this writer for the Dog Street Journal proved what many of the residents were saying about their concerns of parties if the new apartment complex was built where Southern Inn current sits. Yes, we all know that some of the current residents (and some in the past) hang outside and drink after work; we know the building is run down and that the owners don't have much concern for it in it's condition. But, at one point in time it was new and nice just as the apartment complex would have been. Even the Tioga has become less than desirable in apperance. But more importantly, they provide a place to live at an affordable cost of living. Maybe the 'cheesy' plastic chairs aren't the quality the writer's parents would have provided him, but there are many in Williamsburg who provide the best they can.
But, I would like to point out that not all the students go out and party or even care how close the liquor store is to where they live. Sadly enough, many students get bad reputations because of others' actions; just as the homeless are stereotyped as a whole because of the actions of others.

Time for a Change on Richmond Road
by Mike Clark, DSJ Staff Reporter

At last! Someone finally had the sense to suggest that the city of Williamsburg tear down those ugly buildings on Richmond Road, between the Wachovia and Big Apple Bagel. Whoever it was should be given a medal. If there is any part of Williamsburg, any part of it near the College at least, that needs to be renovated, it is that space between Big Apple Bagel and Brooks St. I remember thinking three years ago how strange it was to have a palm-reader on the street so close to the historic district. Anyone who has walked, or even driven past that area, knows that it is a complete eyesore. Old is not an appropriate description for the structures located along that road. Dilapidated would be far more appropriate.

The area does not fit with its surroundings. Allow me to take you on an imaginary tour down Richmond Rd., starting at DoG Street. First, we pass the President’s house, home to presidents of the College since 1693. Then, there is Monroe Hall, Blow Hall and the Bryan Complex. After the traffic light, we see Zable stadium, the Alumni House and St Bede’s Church. After that, classy houses that are home to bed and breakfast establishments line the road.

After Brooks Street, however, things get ugly, first with that abandoned gas station on the corner. When I used to walk past that at night, I was afraid that a clan of crazed mechanics would rush out and pummel me with lug wrenches. That thing has been there long enough: it needs to go.

The Days’ Inn that comes along next is fairly nice, but the Tioga Motel is a dump. My favorite features at that place are the cheap plastic chairs that adorn the porches of every room. Getting rid of those would make the place 25 percent better. Unfortunately, this would not be enouhg of an improvement. The pool in front is a landmark too. A nice apartment building would look nice there.

The Wachovia on the corner of Matoaka Ct. is fine, as is the dry-cleaner right next to it. The Southern Inn and the astrologer’s office, however, look terrible. The parking lot looks like it is made of gravel, and the offices of both organizations look tacky. It is time for a change.

A new apartment complex that could house several hundred students would be a good addition to the area. It would provide easy access to the Food Lion and, more importantly, the liquor store. It would be great for business at restaurants in the area, including Big Apple Bagel and Sal’s by Victor. It is within biking distance of campus and could be an attractive alternative to the Green Machine’s stop in the dark alley behind Staples. As to the traffic situation on Richmond Rd., it may get worse, but if the Green Machine were to reroute itself to the new apartment complex, the traffic problem might be reduced. If planned correctly, it might reduce the current clamor for day student parking spaces.

Granted, it would take time to get used to the new arrangement, but I think that it would be worth it. Although steeped in tradition, sometime the community needs to change. Now, I think, is the appropriate time for that.


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